Monday, July 27, 2009

Water/Sponge Play

While getting ready to leave for our camping trip (Isabelle was sleeping in), I kept Melina busy by letting her play with water and sponges. I used a lot of towels to clean up, but she certainly had fun!!

July Camping Trip

We headed off to Mammoth once again (our trailer is up there for the summer), and this time camped at an RV park with a big group of Jeff's co-workers. Beautiful warm weather with no reason to use bug repellent this time!

Here is Isabelle with a "trap" she created (just like Les on the Discovery Channel's "Survivorman")
Another trap created by Isabelle...
On Friday we explored the area with the Cox family. Here is Isabelle ready for her first ride in their Ranger Polaris (she loved it)
Then she got to ride in a quad on the way back down the trail
We introduced the Coxes to some geocachingThe girls at the end of a long but fun day
On Saturday, we went again with the Cox Family and this time went to Hot Creek
And then for a soak in a hot tub
Dinner on Saturday evening with everyone in the park Relaxing in camp before packing up to head home
What a blessing--Melina slept most of the way home!!
Isabelle stays occupied on long car trips with the girls' birthday present--a dual DVD player

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Combined Birthdays

Since we would be camping on Melina's birthday, Isabelle decided it would be okay to have a combined family birthday celebration. We kept it simple, Isabelle's favorite chicken sandwich from Jack 'N Box for dinner followed by opening presents with Grandma, Papa, and Mackenzie, and then cake and ice cream.
Melina absolutely adores her Papa and sat in his lap while blowing out her candle. She even cried when he left!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Swimming Pool

Jeff put up a 12-ft above-ground pool this week. It has been HOT, and we are loving it. It is the perfect size for Melina, it comes up to just below her shoulders and she can walk around and play and not have to wear any type of floatie. Isabelle had swim lessons in June, and her confidence in the water has greatly increased. She spends a tremendous amount of time under water and would swim all day long if we let her. We are having lots of fun, and as a pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester living in the desert, it is a godsend!!! We love it!!
me at 29 weeks
Mackenzie joined us for a swim one Sunday afternoon

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Vegetables

We planted tomato and zucchini plants in the spring. Here is our first harvest (although it's doubtful the plants are going to make it through 110+ weather):

Monday, July 6, 2009

First Camping Trip of the Summer

For our first camping trip of Summer 2009, we camped at Big Springs, one of our favorite campgrounds above Mammoth. Lots and lots of bugs--poor Isabelle--just like me as a child--she got eaten up!! (unfortunately we were a little too late with the bug repellent the first evening we were there)
On our first full day, we did a geocache near Lake Crowley (we were the first to find it) and then spent the afternoon fishing at Convict Lake
Our friends, the Pachecos, joined us a couple days later and we had lots of fun spending time together, doing some geocaching, and swimming at Gull Lake.
at a geocache spot overlooking June Lake
lots and lots of moths