Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Great Parenting Moment

So I overhear Jeff chastising Isabelle yesterday about not peeing into the toilet and peeing onto the floor (he saw what he assumed to be pee on the side of the toilet that pooled on the floor next to it). Later I walked into the bathroom and saw the same thing. I immediately called Isabelle into the bathroom and said, "well, if at age 5-1/2 you can't pee into the toilet, then you can clean it up--I don't understand what the problem is--"and so on and so on. She replied back that she didn't know how it was happening. I said, "next time, pay attention and sit on the toilet properly!!" She reluctantly cleaned the toilet and that was that, or so I thought.

This morning while Jeff and Isabelle were at her basketball game I went into the bathroom and saw the same thing again. I was outraged and had her clean it up yet again when they came home. Then this afternoon I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the liquid on the floor next to the toilet yet again.

"What is going on??? Why can't you pee in the toilet??? Get in there and clean it up!!!

As she's grabbing the wipes from under the cupboard, I'm looking at the toilet a little closer and seeing that this liquid is clear, not yellow like pee. And the side of the toilet is completely dry too, nothing on the side of the toilet to suggest the pee running down it. I then look at the caulking around the toilet where it attaches to the floor, and it looks like there may be a slow leak there somehow. I called in Jeff to see that, and he immediately apologized to Isabelle, as did I. She was a very good sport about it, and simply shrugged her shoulders and said, "sometimes mistakes happen." Wow, where did we get so lucky!! Sorry, Issy!!