Sunday, October 4, 2009

Melina Likes to Organize

Just one incidence of many things Melina likes to organize. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when I stepped away and saw these shapes and car organized very nicely on the step from the kitchen into our sun room.

Countdown for Baby Begins...

Official "due date" was Oct. 2. We probably have 1-2 more weeks to go, however. We are very anxious to meet you, baby girl!!
39 weeks 40 weeks "due date"


I'm getting antsy for fall weather so the girls painted fall trees this week, taken from one of my favorite blogs
In the last couple of weeks, Isabelle came down with a fever that lasted about a day, and a few days later Melina got it. I used this activity to reinforce good handwashing techniques, since I'm a little paranoid with illness and having a new baby in the house. Can't find the link to the blog I used for this activity, so basically I sprinkled cinnamon on Isabelle's wet hands to represent the germs and then she washed. Melina did it too, but the pictures aren't exactly G-rated since she didn't have any clothes on.
And, since we had the cinnamon out, we used a few more spices and did this craft: