Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I am so very blessed to have these two beautiful girls in my life, with one more on the way! Dear God I thank you so much for my daughters!

Melina's First Fish

Jeff took Friday off and we went fishing. We were at one of our favorite catchponds, and as luck would have it, the stocking truck pulled up. We caught many fish with the highlight of the day being Melina able to catch her FIRST fish! After an afternoon of fishing, we got our favorite pizza in Lone Pine, ate our dinner at the park, watched the girls play for a bit, and then headed to Tuttle Creek for some fishing before the sun went down. A busy and fun day!!
One of many fish Isabelle reeled in


A friend of mine due to have her baby any day came over one afternoon. I touched her stomach and told Melina that she had a baby in her tummy. Melina was pretty uninterested and went on with her play. A few days later, my mom and dad watched both girls while Jeff and I ran some errands. When we picked them up, mom and dad told the story of Melina going up to my dad, patting his belly, and saying "BABY?"

What We Did During the Month of April

The month of April in no particular order:

We found out our new baby is a girl

Isabelle finally got to make the personalized stepping stone Aunt Mary Therese got her for Christmas
smelling honeysuckle on a beautiful morning
Isabelle lost her FIRST tooth! She went to bed the night before with a VERY loose tooth and woke up with it missing. She found it in the middle of her bed.
The girls dyed Easter eggs
Isabelle and Melina with the Easter Bunny at the egg hunt on base
Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday
During all of the Easter excitement, Melina skipped her afternoon nap and thus fell asleep while eating Easter dinner
Isabelle graduated from kindergarten!!
We presented Isabelle with flowersWe celebrated Mom's birthday We made orange julius's
Jeff grew in his mustache
Melina turned 21 months old
enjoying afternoon sun at the park on a breezy Sunday afternoon