Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Parenting Tip of the Day!

Yesterday Melina found a piece of modeling clay Isabelle had hidden on her craft table while we were doing school. Well at first she was fine, just walking around with it and calling it a ball (one of her favorites besides shoes!). Next thing I know, she is pointing to her nose and saying "bow" (her word for owie). I quickly put two and two together and asked if she put the clay up her nose. She nodded her head yes and continued to say bow. I tried to get her to blow it out of her nose (she does know how). She weakly blowed out her nose a couple of times but then went back to saying bow over and over. I looked it up on the Internet and most websites said something up the nose requires a doctor's visit. Then, I happened to see a message board that talked about using turkey basters to get lodged objects out of noses. I ran and got the turkey baster, called Melina over, plugged one nostril and inserted the turkey baster into the other where the clay was. Did this twice and nothing each time. Just when I was about to give up, the piece of clay fell out of her nose. Whew, problem solved! Thank goodness, and thank goodness for the Internet..., and turkey basters!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heard of this?

Project 365: How To Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way

I love this idea! Yes, the month of January is almost gone, but I'm not going to let that stop me. I'm going to try it out--one photo a day (and it will have to be more than my girls--can I make it more exciting than that I wonder as my life pretty much is just my girls at this point), but I'm going to give it a try and I'll be thinking and researching of ways to display the pictures at the end of the year--maybe one gigantic slide show with brief descriptions of the photos, maybe a photo book like one I made at Inkubook for the grandparents and for Isabelle and Melina as Christmas presents? I suppose the possibilities are endless. I'm excited by this project--now hopefully I'll get some great pics!

Melina is 18 months old today!

What words come to mind when I think of our now 18-month-old baby?

active, doesn't sit still, impulsive, loving, sweet, non-sleep-loving, LOVES cheese, adores her big sis, showers kisses upon her Mama while being held or in the sling, kisses and hugs her Daddy's leg repeatedly as he leaves for work, persistent, a CLIMBER, doesn't take "no" for an answer, likes to call her Daddy "mama" (to get his goat I think), LOVES books (will go to anyone who foolishly thinks they can sit down for a moment and take a rest and climb into their lap with a favorite book), still LOVES shoes, loves animals and imitating their sounds, and last, but certainly not least, wants to do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING her big sis does.

Nap time--yay!!! Mama can get a short break from a toddler constantly on the go!

Bounce House Fun!

Jeff set up the bounce house last Saturday that Uncle Mike had sent the girls for Christmas. Their good friends, Riley and Jasper, came over and played too. As seen by the above video, a great time was had by all. And, we had absolutely beautiful weather too! A big change from today--cold and windy!...but...it's the desert--I think we're used to it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lovin' The Easy Bake Oven


not really, but if I truthfully say that I don't enjoy the Easy Bake Oven, then I probably won't win any mom of the year awards..., right??

Anyway, Isabelle DOES love it, and that's what matters..., right??

Here is what our afternoon entailed during Melina's nap, and she graced us by sleeping an hour and 15 minutes, which enabled us to get it all done.

One packet makes 3 small cookies, baked at 3 separate times. (Note to Mom: Not all 3 at once like I thought--3 separate bake times!)

The finished product:
Mmmm, do the finished cookies look anything like the package??

Another note to Mom: the directions say to bake each cookie for 8 minutes. The burnt cookie seen above is the result of 8 minutes. Try 6 minutes when you do this with Mackenzie, and as a thought for all Easy-Bake-Oven Adventures, use the directed time as an estimate only.

I had always wanted an Easy Bake Oven. My mom was just contemplating this past weekend why she never bought me one when I was a child. They aren't the funnest thing for the parent, so we now know why!! Oh well, I guess I get to live vicariously through my child. Thanks, Mom--gotta love ya!!

Melina's Animal Sounds

Monday, January 12, 2009

Basketball and a Few Things

Isabelle is playing basketball. It all started when her friend, Riley, wanted her to play too (he wouldn't play unless she was on his team). She loves Riley and was agreeable, so we signed her up. We bought her a youth-sized basketball and have been practicing a little with dribbling, passing, and making shots.

She had her first practice on Thursday the 8th and her first game already this past Saturday. It was pretty comical for the first few minutes of the game as we watched these 5 and 6-year-olds with clearly no idea to what they were doing (as they'd had only one 45-minute practice beforehand). We laughed a lot and cheered the kids on. It was obvious that they were all having fun, and Isabelle certainly doesn't seem to have a problem with being shy and is NOT uncertain when it comes to taking possession of the ball. A girl on the opposite team was trying to make a shot into her team's basket but was wavering back and forth as to what the best position for her to stand in was (I'm guessing); Isabelle was close by, ran right over and swept the ball right out of the girl's hands! Her Daddy was very proud!!

At the end of both practice and the game, she said she loved it and couldn't wait to play more! Great-Grandma Clark would be proud!!

We went to the park Tuesday afternoon. A beautiful yet chilly day. Melina has no fear when it comes to the playground equipment. The girls had been going down a big curly slide over and over. When Melina got to the top and got ready to sit down, she was moving a little too fast and went head first instead. This wouldn't have been a problem; however, Isabelle was coming up the slide at the same time in her bare feet and clocked her just under the eye.

This is a picture the next day; 2 days later it had scabbed up and really looked horrible. Everyone who saw her kept asking what had happened to her eye. By Sunday the scab had fallen off and it was looking much better. It really looked much worse than it actually was.

What kind of expression is this?
We are having absolutely incredible weather right now. This afternoon it was in the 6o's, a sunny, beautiful day, and it is forecast to be the same the rest of the week. We spent lots of time outdoors today and here the girls are enjoying the rest of the afternoon sun and a yummy apple.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Picture!

We had a Clark family get-together at our house to celebrate Christmas this past Saturday. All of the girls were surrounding Uncle John, so I grabbed my camera. I just love the picture--everyone looking at the camera and smiling. Can't wait for Uncle John to see it!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Shaving Cream Fun!

Isabelle spent the night with her friend, Riley, at his grandma's house, and then I picked both of them up to spend the morning at our house. They played outside and I gave them each a can of shaving cream. Wow, they had fun!!

Poor Melina, always left out!