Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something to Remember--The Little Things

Because I've been struggling lately with caring for three children, I've been reminded to enjoy this time and to find the little things to find joy about. This is one of my constant prayers, and so hard to do sometimes, and I feel it would be good to try and document these moments; here's what happened this evening:

Jeff left early yesterday AM on travel. He is such a tremendous help to me in the evening, holding Michaela, entertaining Melina, talking to Isabelle--basically whatever I need him to do--that I knew the evenings would be rough and I would need things to change the monotony of our day while he was gone. The Truesdales (God Bless you Kathy!) met us at the park for a picnic dinner and to play. While winding things up, I was holding Michaela and pushing Melina in the swing. Michaela was laughing at the fun Melina was having. I quickly put the thought of germs and who knows what else aside and put Michaela in the swing next to her. Melina wanted out of her swing and started to push Michaela. They both laughed and laughed. Melina would gently push Michaela, Michaela would giggle and laugh, followed by Melina, just this simple, heartfelt, true, living-in-the-moment laughter. Over and over. No camera, but in my mind I said, thank you God for this moment--let me remember it always. And in the background, I can hear Isabelle laughing with her friend Riley as they ran through the grass playing. What a moment dear Jesus, and I thank you so much for that!


  1. How beautiful Marla...& due to the way you described the 'moments'...I can totally picture all of them in my mind. You are a wonderful loving Mother,; never forget that. And, it's times like these, (Jeff being gone) that remind us how much loving help (those that are blessed w/husbands like Jeff)our husbands are.
    Love Mama Judy

  2. Its a great reminder to us all...thanks for sharing and yes a photo would have been nice, but really isn't needed because you described the moment so beautifully and perfectly that I could totally visualize it!