Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Pictures Since Michaela Was Born (Post #1)

Okay, I've been fooling around with HTML for a few days now; I'm posting this now before I mess it up!

Bulbs Before (Oct 2009)Bulbs After--Now Pretty Flowers! (March 2010)

short hike 5 days after Michaela's birthall 3 girls in the 4-Runner for the 1st time!

New quilt from Grandma MorganWearing "sisters" shirts!

Aunt Mary T. with MichaelaAunt Connie with Michaela

Sweet sisters!1 day old

Halloween Baby!Fun with Halloween!


  1. OH Marla...I wasn't 'dreaming'! These are such beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing yours & Jeff's beautiful girls/children, & the beautiful family pic. Really know/remember that you are my/our 'other daughter'. And 'the girls' are our other grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your lives w/ours.
    oxoxox Harold & white wine JuJu

  2. So sweet! & love the new header pic!

  3. How fun! My little one is supposed to be a halloween baby too! Her due date is October 31st, so she may or may not be here in time for the cute halloween outfits in her wardrobe already! ha! :-)