Saturday, April 17, 2010


On February 24, 2010, we put our beloved friend and companion, our 10-year-old golden retriever, Rodney, to sleep. He had battled arthritis and presumed hip dysplasia for many years, and was on heavy pain meds. He endured major surgery 3 years ago to remove a benign lipoma from his side, and had many, many more lipomas on his body, including one very large one on his neck that was beginning to interfere with his sleeping and eating.

As difficult a decision as it was, we finally agreed that it was time, and our wonderful vet, Dr. Talbot, came to our house and put him to sleep. We gave Isabelle the choice of staying here or leaving. She chose to not stay, so Jeff and our dear friend Wallace held him while Dr. Talbot administered the injection. Jeff and Wallace buried him in the desert lot across from our house, where he chased many, many a tennis ball, his absolute favorite activity! In fact, we buried his tennis balls with him!

May you rest in peace, dear boy, and we will all see you again someday! We love you always! You were such a good boy!

Rodney and his "sisters" on his last day. I took him out on a hike that morning also; he was tired but he had been very happy to do something he hadn't done in so long because of his arthritis.


  1. Dear Marla & Family,
    I am so sorry for your loss of Rodney. I did not know...He was a great companion/friend & family member; so patient & loving w/the girls, & a good watch dog. He will never be forgotten. He is whole again now & out of pain, chasing tennis balls w/our beloved Sasha. And God Bless Dr. Talbot too.
    With Love & understanding,
    Judy & Harold

  2. He really was such a great dog! So many wonderful memories to hold onto. Its never long enough, but he had a great family & life with you all.